How To Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom

Normal everyday people who just want to get a professional look in our small typical size bathroom there is hope after all. Over 90{5d8d7c25cb15e7b116f989d6a5f18c8aaafee062d15c9ae7b9c86e3dba7b2bec} of the homes are not mansions or million dollar style custom homes and with budgets for us normal people being a little less than the typical millionaire, we have to be creative when decorating our space. Bathrooms are by far the most used rooms in a typical house and yet they tend to get overlooked when decorating. We tend to look at the main entertaining areas of our home first. Below are some ideas that can give inspiration when decorating your small bathroom.

You dream about a bathroom that’s high on comfort and personal style, but you also want materials, fixtures, and amenities with lasting value. Wake up! You can have both. In this case, the wallboard was retained – the wiring had already been investigated, and OK-ed. The old carpet and underlay were removed, and the floor was stripped down to the sub-floor, to make way for the new vinyl flooring that would be installed. The sub-floor was in great shape, so nothing further was required there.

This project required way too much major work and expense to be the ideal fixer for resale. Although the project was a true learning experience from start to finish, faced with the decision to invest in this type of house again, it would be a definite no. These lights are available in a number of modern designs. You can place recessed lighting anywhere, and it’s especially useful for lower ceilings. Recessed lights can be bright or dim and angled to highlight wall decorations.

You might also consider installing some small recessed shelves. Be sure to paint them the same color as the bathroom walls. Katlia Construction has served homeowners since 1986 as a full-service home improvement professional. This means our team handles every step of the bathroom remodel process, including plumbing and electrical, heating and ventilation, lighting, painting, accessories and more.

Awesome tips. At this point, my bathroom has ZERO style. It’s completely bare bones, and a lot of the fixtures are… well, they’ve seen better days. After reading this Hub, I feel inspired to look into at least getting some new faucets or something. Thanks for reminding me about all the potential improvements I can make! Before each step in your renovation, we always make time to clearly communicate the scope of work, deliverables, timeframe, cost, materials and suppliers with you.