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Many Chicago area homeowners have enhanced the quality of family time and home value with a basement remodel transformation. Through vision and design, unused wasted space is brought to life with new purpose for family living and enjoyment. Entertainment areas, home theaters, exercise rooms, play areas, and new bedrooms and baths are just some of the types of basement renovation projects we have done for our customers all over the Chicagoland area. Giving new identity to previously unused or under-used space is a cost effective way to provide greater enjoyment in your home.

At Woods Basement Systems, Inc. , our mission is to provide you with responsible basement finishing, at a fair price, while providing exceptional customer service. We proudly serve Florissant, Decatur, Ballwin, Belleville, Champaign, St. Peters, East Saint Louis and many surrounding areas. Design -basement remodeling poses a whole new set of challenges. To avoid complexities in construction and too much unneeded expense, you have to creatively work with these challenges including: the HVAC systems, support beams and poles, ductworks and others.

Eventually, homeowners decided this resolution was financially one-sided, and needed to be revised. Bit by bit, with the help of hardware stores and building supply chains, the knowledge to do more than simple repairs became available, and the revolution to do our own home renovations was born. Minimum Purchase $19,999. Offers are for a limited time and may not be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts. Obviously, I won’t be speaking with him again, but curious to know your thoughts on this site or others like it that you have come across. These are most of the things I thought about when I decided to finish my basement for more living space.

All of our products are 100{5d8d7c25cb15e7b116f989d6a5f18c8aaafee062d15c9ae7b9c86e3dba7b2bec} inorganic, making them waterproof and mold-resistant – ideal for the basement environment, so you won’t have to worry about the risks of moisture of flooding. Our system will last you for years and provide you with a beautiful space the whole family will enjoy. Anyone who is aware of warehousing principles can affirm that the cheapest way to make space, in terms of dollars per square footage, is to expand upwards.

I added old family photos in the bathroom, photos of family members at the beach or lake. I was watching Hoda and Kathie Lee. They were arguing about whether family photos should be in the bathroom. I believe they can be. You shouldn’t put the originals in, the moisture might ruin them. Math formulas and multipliers to help you bend electrical conduit. Learn how to bend conduit to any configuration desired, not merely the common bends on a conduit bender.