How To Repair A Hole In Your Ceiling Drywall

So I was having an unusually hard week. I’m about to move after 3 years of living at the same place, so the stress of moving, in addition to getting stuff done at the new place – which had been a nightmare – and all this in addition to my day job. So in summary a pretty bad week, which was made terrible by having to deal with the most difficult ineffective people.

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He conveniently takes payment by credit card and after they left, I looked at the repairs and was thoroughly impressed by how well they matched the texture. You really can’t tell that the area had been repaired. I’m all about DIY but time is at a premium for me and with how well the repairs went for the cost I might just call DelPozo for all of my future drywall repairs, even the ones I could do myself. The quality is that good (or I’m just that bad).

David was on-time, did not charge me for an estimate, and was prepared to fix the wall right away. He kept me updated on his progress while working to patch up the damage, took great care with my belonging and left the apartment spotless. The whole process was so easy and hassle free and I was relieved that the work was done quickly and for a much lower price than I was originally quoted.

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