How to Select the Right Size Tankless Water Heater

Getting a tankless water heater may not be as simple as you may imagine. Naturally, there are types and sizes that you have to consider prior to buying one. Whether you are upgrading your current heater or switching from traditional to tankless water heater, you will have to do some math in order to land on the best product.

Tankless Water Heater Fuel Type

The first thing that you must look at would be the type of tankless heater that you wanted to use, do you prefer a heater that is powered by gas or by electric. Both may require some repairs especially the gas type as it would need proper ventilation for it to work. While electric tankless water heater on the other hand would usually require its own circuit breaker. Check some electric tankless water heater reviews from here.

What is the Flow Rate?

It is very important to plan ahead and know the most number of devices that the household has to run simultaneously. There are times where in taking a shower, washing dishes and maybe doing the laundry are all done at the same time, if that happens, not having the right amount of flow rate will cause your heater not being able to supply the desired amount and temperature of the water.

Flow rate is also determined by measuring gallons per minute. All you have to do is to determine their flow rates and add them all together. That total amount of flow rate will be the one to look for in a new tankless water heater. Remember to provide the right amount of GPM just to make sure that the tankless water heater will be able to supply.

What is Temperature Rise?

On the other hand, determining the temperature of you water is also crucial so that you can get the right tankless water heater that can accommodate all users at the same time and still produce hot water. Most of the time, water is about 50 F without heating or in its normal temperature from the source.

Naturally you would like to have a warm bath and increase the water temp to 110 F. With that said, it would be best to find a tankless water heater that has a temperature rise of 60 F to make sure that it can still provide hot water even if there are multiple users.

Sizing Sample

Water faucet – 0.75 GPM, Shower – 1.5 GPM, Washer – 2 GPM

If all these 3 runs at the same time, you will need a total of 4.25 GPM for your flow rate.

Water faucet – 110 F, Shower – 110 F, Washer – 120 F

Take the highest possible temperature that you will need and add this to your incoming water supply temperature. If we use 50 F as a basis, you will need a 70 F temperature rise so that your tankless water heater will be able to maintain your desired temperature regardless if you are using them all together.

This information is very important to know if you wanted to make the most out of your tankless water heater purchase. Making sure that there is always enough supply of hot water with the right temperature is after all what you are looking for. Choosing a tankless water heater that may have low features may only be a waste of investment especially if the time comes that you will be frustrated of the results.

If unsure of where to get the details, having a professional come visit your place would be best. Choosing the right tankless water heater will not only change the way you use hot water at home but also provides savings on your monthly gas or electric bill.