How To Tape And Apply Joint Compound To Drywall

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Drywall came onto the construction scene in 1916. Drywall is made from a gypsum-based plaster and paper. It is much lighter and easier to repair than plaster. It is also much easier and faster to install, and is fire-resistant. Drywall is manufactured in sheets and can be nailed to wooden supports rather than requiring the support of multiple laths as lime-based plaster does. Walls are constructed with drywall in days instead of weeks.

Before you begin the repair you need to make sure the surface of your bath is properly cleaned. You should be keeping it regularly cleaned anyway, as otherwise you’ll begin to notice discolouration and a lack of smoothness to the material. Similar to the hub on how to clean and maintain your copper bath you should not use abrasive cleaners as this can damage the surface of the bath. After cleaning dry the bath extensive and remove any flakiness that may be apparent around the scratched or damaged spot. Don’t touch the surface again after this as your fingers may make the bath greasy again.

Inevitably you are bound to gouge the drywall or pull the white paper from the drywall itself, as shown in the picture above. Don’t fret, the drywall can be repaired very simply. When the paper covering of the drywall has been damage, the underlying result will be brown fuzzy fibers. These fibers need to be sealed. Without sealing the fibers, the drywall will bubble up when drywall compound is applied. Simply paint a clear varnish on any brown fuzzy parts or use a product like Gardz by Zinsser. Once the varnish has dried use a sanding block, to lightly sand the area to remove loose bits. A sanding block can be found in the paint or in the drywall department of your local hardware store.

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