I Bought The Farm

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Years earlier, I completed a real estate licensing course and took a couple of classes in real estate investing, I felt confident about venturing into the lucrative real estate dream. My goal was to purchase and fix up a small house in need of a few cosmetic improvements that I could do myself and resell it for a house I chose turned out to be more of a challenge than I ever imagined.

I always felt a little claustrophobic in my old shower. My initial goal was to have two walls of solid glass to really open up the space. Outside walls don’t do well with plumbing in Chicago though, and creating plumbing up in the attic to have the shower come from the ceiling was.. more expensive than I was hoping. I like the compromise though, and the window is pretty cool in my mind – especially the curve that we put in it that goes with the shape of the shower handle below it and with the niche, as well.

Consider the purpose of the space as well. Are closets or bookshelves accessible? Do you have a great view you want to feature? (See focal points, below.) However, do not automatically push all furniture against the walls. Living room furniture placed around the perimeter of a room does not encourage conversation and can create a cold feeling or ambience. A chair without a nearby light source will not become a place to read the latest book by your favorite author or complete your latest craft project. A long and wide island in the center of your kitchen between your sink and refrigerator means you have to walk around it every time you go from one to the other.

Occasionally, but always, space around and above a doorway will naturally lend itself as ideal shelving, as in this DIY Project. As I was already planning to build sufficient shelving for books a further bookcase wasn’t a top priority but shelving to display models was. However, to future proof and to retain flexibility rather than making the shelves less high to fit an extra shelf in I decided to keep the height sufficient to take paperback books if required.