Improving an IKEA couch

IKEA has a great variety of couches to choose from on a regular basis. However, what happens when you find the perfect style but need extra comfort? Or, do you own a great couch but the sofa cushions have started to look saggy with the “mileage” over the years? There is a cheap and easy fix for these problems!

 One of the easiest ways to improve a sofa from IKEA is to pull the original stuffing out and give it a fluff. Most couches from IKEA have a feature where each cushion unzips for washing and décor purposes, but this also allows you to give the stuffing a fluff every now and then. If you find that fluffing isn’t enough, you can always add more padding or stuffing. Cushion foam is a great alternative to stuffing that doesn’t need continued fluffing over the years. It is a comfortable and long lasting option.

 Another added benefit of purchasing or converting your IKEA sofa to a foam cushion is the lack of wrinkles in the sofa fabric. Foam helps keep your sofa looking new and fresh on the outside. You also won’t find the embarrassing indentation in the couch after binge watching your favorite show. Foam bounces back to its original structure quickly after use, unlike stuffing.

Whether you want to give your old sofa a makeover, or are looking for extra comfort, you have options! Fluffing, adding extra padding or getting cushion replacements are all cheap and easy ideas. Ordering from The Foam Factory is a great way to save too.