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Elevation Basements is Denver’s premier basement finishing company. We are a fully integrated Design Build Firm that sees each project through from its conceptual design to its high quality finish. We have elevated” the art of basement remodeling ensuring that our customers have a positive experience from initial meeting to final punch list. We are fully insured and licensed.

Yes, I did say that we removed cupboards. Let me explain. Badly placed cupboards can be as big a problem as no cupboards at all. In fact, they are more of a problem, because now you have to remove them before you can begin anything else. Again, taking the paint swatch to Bed, Bath & Beyond, I was able to find a toothbrush holder and bathroom cup for $15 for the pair. I also found a plush new bathroom rug in deep brown which goes nicely with the new vanity color. With many attractive and efficient products offered in the market, you will easily get a certain organizer that matches the décor of your house.

Additionally, the versatility of this basement finishing system allows for you to do virtually anything you want with your basement. Add an extra bedroom and living space, or mount a TV on our stud-less basement walls and design an entertainment room! When you do put a ceiling over ducts, pipes and wire, remember to leave yourself a way to access them in case of repairs rather than permanently closing them off. Here are some of the most popular ways to finish a basement ceiling. Start by taking a clean dry cloth and wiping down the areas you will be painting such as the vanity and wooden trim around the bathroom.

Thanks Faith! I helped a friend stage a condo once. Just a little paint and a few accessories livened up the place. It sold for more than most in that community. I’ve always wanted to buy a big old southern home with french doors leading in to a room that I can make in to my craft space. I don’t know about the rest of the USA, but in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area, UI is simply width plus height. There is no multiplying x’s two. A 36 x 60 window is 96 UI.

Great job! I think if you have design flair then you can do amazing things with well chosen objects and very little money. It’s all about imagination and practical ability. For some reason, there are members of my family that need to horde. It may be due to a chemical imbalance, or just plain laziness. I’m not sure which at the moment. I once was hit with this sickness, but after a few unwelcome roommates, I quickly curbed the appetite for certain types of clutter. This is very useful. There is a lot of helpful information. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas.