Jacksonville Drywall Repair

So I’m sitting there in my new house looking at my beautiful paint… How DO people put up indoor Christmas lights? Why do theirs always look so much better! Does everyone put big giant nails in their walls? I sure wasn’t about to put extra holes in the walls of the first nice house I’ve ever lived in!

SECRET TIP TO MAKE OLD MOLLY BOLTS DISAPPEAR: If you have a molly bolt in the wall, you’ll find them difficult to remove without making a huge hole. So don’t try to remove the molly. Instead, use your handy hammer and a screwdriver and tap it lightly till the metal collar is slightly depressed below the level of the wall. Cover the entire head with a layer of drywall compound and voila… all gone!

Now that you’ve watched our video segment on tearing out the drywall damage area, also the person in the video is installing a piece of 3 x 4 sheet rock patch, it’s time to mix the plaster or you could basically by quick mud at your local hardware store, many of those include Ace Hardware, Hawaii hardware, Lowes, and of course Honolulu home Depo offering lower-cost on drywall and sheet rock plaster and of course hot mud, which is used for faster drying applications.

Drywall is a common manufactured building material used globally for the finish construction of interior walls and ceilings. A drywall panel is made of a paper liner wrapped around an inner core made primarily from gypsum plaster. The plaster is mixed with fiber (typically paper and/or fiberglass), foaming agent, various additives that increase mildew and fire resistance, and water and is then formed by sandwiching a core of wet gypsum between two sheets of heavy paper or fiberglass mats. When the core sets and is dried, the sandwich becomes rigid and strong enough for use as a building material.

This is some amazing stuff man! I really find that amazing, the 3D Effect OysterShell Drywall Texture Pattern is just something I have never seen before! I have seen similar things since I worked as a Wood and Laminate Flooring installer in Florida for almost 6 years. This is something that would greatly match with some beautiful floors. The 3D ceiling is just gorgeous; the ideas and tips are even better!