Living With Mets, The New Normal (2)

This was such a hard, but rewarding renovation. We did every little step (and misstep) ourselves after full days at work… demo, stud work, drywall, concrete floors, paint, installing toilets, sinks, faucets, and tile. The only thing we left to the professionals was installing the shower door (with glass that large, you’ve got to trust the professionals)!

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Create more space in a small kitchen. A poorly designed kitchen layout can make even a large kitchen seem small. If you have an odd shaped counter or other elements that break up the flow of your space, you can streamline and eliminate the clutter. Many older homes don’t have open floor plans and sometimes a wall can be removed for extra breathing room. You don’t have to go big on your small kitchen remodel to gain space. One family we know installed a fold-down table and a ceiling-mounted pot rack to add space. If you have a small kitchen area, get creative and see what you can come up with!

We almost completely redid the kitchen. Again, we used the terracotta colors on the walls, which really warmed things up. We replaced all the cabinets and the counter tops, doing all the labor ourselves. We also replaced the sink and the stove with stainless steal appliances and added an overhead microwave and a dishwasher. We tiled the backsplash. And though you can’t see it in the photo, we even painted the interior of the pantry closet on the far left (out of view) with leftover earthy green from the office (photo below) and guest bedroom.

The pictures are ones my mom took and put on her Pinterest. I wish I had before pictures to show you as a comparison, but picture yellow walls with a ladybug and vines on one side and pretty plain features elsewhere-plan white linoleum floor, plain white tub and countertop, plain wood cabinetry. Not only does the new bathroom look nicer and more high-end, but it actually looks and feels bigger, too.