Living With Mets, The New Normal

What a difference! It is so bright and lovely! I love that print, too. And I like your idea to paint your front door. Mine could do with a sprucing-up, too.

Many over-sized single vanities offer vast storage space for your personal items and toiletries, and have drawers to keep necessary items easily accessible. With this type of vanity, though, you can only use a single sink fixture. These look best with a vessel or bowl sink on placed on top of the vanity. My best friend just installed two of these – just as shown in the photo – one on either side of the stove. What a great use of space with convenient access in mind for the busy chef.

I enjoyed reading your ideas on decorating a bathroom. It is a real challenge especially when you have a small bath like I do. I like the way you used the limited space as well as you did. This article reminds me of our redo in the bathroom of our 1900 built house. The biggest thing was fitting a shower in. We had to cut the top and bottom part of a wall and push it. Wow I was shocked it worked. Now I have my shower. You are absolutely correct! I love painted wood cabinets – it keeps the texture but allows the reflection of more light. Thank you so much for stopping by.

However, our plumber suggested installing a plinth radiator to utilise spare space under a kitchen base unit; which would free up space on the wall where we wanted to put the new back door. I hope this information is useful to all of you who look to hire a contractor to remodel a bathroom. Just make sure to ask questions and do your homework. I’m very impressed with how you have used the shelving to maximize space and it gives your rooms a warm cozy feel. Nice job with the projects and with the lens!

May these pictures never resurface again and please, please don’t EVER add mirrors to every wall in your bathroom. Take it from me…it’s not a good idea. The lovely convertible dinette – bed. Dinner and dominos for 4-6. Dinette folds down to sleeps 2 adults, one dog, a toddler and 2 kids could go above in the original canvas bunks… if you’re not the claustrophobic type. Kitchen, then living room, then master bedroom, then master bathroom, then lawn, then other rooms, then garage. I’d do it in that order. Get plastic panels cut, or buy plastic panels and cut them to size yourself, mount the paper or fabric on the wall, and mount the plastic over the top.