Making the Most out of Minimal Space

How to maximise efficiency in small living spaces

With compact urban living becoming the reality for more and more people these days, it’s important to fully utilise every bit of space provided to you. Too often, simple organisational or aesthetic mistakes can make an apartment with great potential a less than ideal living space. In the article below, we’ll cover a few quick tips that are easy to implement. By following these steps, you’ll find a huge improvement in your home.


Every object in your home should aim to be multi-purpose. Under beds, on top of cabinets, and around the walls are all ideal places to install shelving and cupboard space. By having an organised, categorised system for what goes where, you’ll have more space, and be able to access things exactly when you need them.

Light and bright

Nordic interior design has long been at the forefront for clean, modern living, and there are a few features that are often across the board in Northern interior design. Colours are kept to a minimum, and white dominates the palette. A largely white room with a few key statement pieces in bold colours can really open up the space. The more uniform an interior is, the more the individual features of the space blend together into one complete picture. Cluttered spaces feel crowded and repressive. Lighting is also key: make sure you have plenty of light fixtures, and keep your curtains open; having an outside view instantly makes a room more spacious!

Skilful Sectioning

While a studio apartment might have the advantage of being open-plan, a lack of wall-space means that you’re limited in the amount of shelving and storage furniture you can have. If you want to section off your space and maximise efficiency, consider installing a series of backless bookcases around the area meant to be your bedroom. This will grant you some privacy, and give you floor-to-ceiling storage capabilities. To keep a clean look, consider labelled, collapsible cloth boxes.

Fold up and out

In a small living space, the biggest culprit for making an area seem more cramped is having furniture that was originally intended for a much larger home. When selecting tables and chairs, make sure that they fit neatly together. Ideally, you’ll want a table that can become bigger or smaller depending on your needs. For your bed, installing a loft is an excellent way to open up a whole new area. Where you would otherwise have wasted space, under your bed can become a closet or working space, with plenty of room for clothing racks or a desk.

Reduce and revitalise

Sometimes, all your home needs is a clear-out or clean-up. A fresh coat of paint or polish on old furniture can instantly freshen up a room. Nothing is more effective than throwing out things you no longer use or need.

Try out these tips and improve your life!