Master Bath Remodel

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Great information and loved the lens. I don’t know of anything you missed. Now I have to find a place for my floating rug and matching furniture. My decorator friend moved so now I will bookmark this lens for reference. Tubs/Showers: Sterling, Aqua Glass, Eljer, or Jacuzzi bathtubs are available for your new bathroom, and our shower doors are built by El Mustee, Aqua Glass, or Sterling by Kohler. By clicking ‘Get Quotes Now’ you agree to our Terms of Use and our TCPA Consent We respect your privacy.

If your bathroom remodel includes removing the old floor and installing a new one, use the opportunity to think about installing a radiant heating flooring system Not only will it keep your feet warm and cozy, it can also be a great feature to distinguish your home from others if and when you decide to sell it. Plumbing should definitely be functional. If the toilet doesn’t drain, there could be big trouble and expense ahead.

Today, renters and homeowners alike are not satisfied with simply giving their homes a facelift – they want the ability to do complete renovations from the ground up. I probably spent at least 30 minutes (probably longer) on your blog this morning – it also deserves a standing ovation! You are very talented and I so appreciate that you share your creativity with us all. The built-in laundry basket was an innovation of mine to solve a couple of issues we had with the wicker basket, the details of this and its construction will be given in a separate article on Squidoo (coming soon).

I wanted to be choosy about the countertop, we chose a model that didn’t come with a top. But, many do come with a top and sink all ready to go, and they are quite nice. To save on labor costs measure carefully and do your best not to have to move the plumbing. A wet room doesn’t have to cost a lot. The fixtures and fittings can be anything from very basic, to extravagant. If cost is an issue, a wet room could be the way to go as a clean minimalist look in a wet room is appealing.