Master Bathroom Edition

This past weekend, we did a quick remodel of our bathroom. My spouse repainted the walls, doors, and trim. He replaced the baseboard and the vanity, because water took a toll on our only bathroom, and the laminate started to come off the vanity. We have new baseboard that is a type of vinyl, but it looks like wood now that it is painted and caulked. My spouse is so handy from fixing everything around here that he works fast. The vanity and sink that we removed was donated to Stardust: Goodwill’s version of a ReStore. The sink was in great condition.

As your kitchen or bath is transformed into what you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll be glad that you chose Reno Renovators. Our professional, experienced contractors will ensure that the project is completed as promised. You will notice extreme attention to detail. We welcome your questions as the project progresses; please feel free to speak with the project manager about any concerns or comments you may have.

Glass block comes in 8-in. and 6-in. squares and 4 x 8-in. half-block rectangles. You’ll need to choose between real mortar grout joints and clear silicone-joined blocks. We chose the silicone system because we liked the clean, uninterrupted look. Whichever way you go, buy the panel preassembled and banded together as one unit, ready to set into the opening.

In fact the plastic shelf supports shown in this video are kitchen cupboard shelf supports and are designed to be used with chipboard so provided the side supports are solidly fixed and supported in place e.g. on either side of an alcove then fitting laminated chipboard shelves using these shelf supports shown in this video maybe the ideal option for you.

The bookcase designed for paperback books, and top acting as bedside shelf is constructed from recycled laminated chipboard cut to size and simply fitted in place in the available gap between the main bookcase described above and the built-in cabin bed. On the left side a side panel is fitted to which each shelf is glued and nailed (the nails being concealed when the bookcase is located in position. On the right side each shelf is simply nailed and glued in place using the side panel of the main bookcase described above as the side panel for this adjoining bookcase, again the nails are concealed from view when the shelves are filled with books.