Master Bathroom Remodel

This was such a hard, but rewarding renovation. We did every little step (and misstep) ourselves after full days at work… demo, stud work, drywall, concrete floors, paint, installing toilets, sinks, faucets, and tile. The only thing we left to the professionals was installing the shower door (with glass that large, you’ve got to trust the professionals)!

The next step was is to refinish the kitchen cabinets. Now you could have the cabinets professionally refaced. Since I was going the rout of frugality, I opted to paint my cabinets and replace all the cabinet nobs and drawer pulls with all new hardware. Because our children were little when we bought this cabinet we fitted a hook fastening at the top. Although this cabinet is very stable, if you bought a similar one that was less stable, you could use a bracket to fasten it to a wall so avoiding small children pulling it over.

The most powerful tool in saving costs on your bathroom remodel is knowledge. Understanding the process is key. You can absolutely get your bathroom remodel down to around $5,000 but most contractors will tell you you’re crazy and that you don’t know what you’re talking about if you approach them with this scenario. We always recommend white vinegar and water to our customers. This will remove any film left by other cleansers. Nice lends! Thank you so much for sharing this information on how to get a shower door installed. Right now we have a frameless shower door in toronto so we definitely could use some help installing it properly. Thank you for your help!

The end result was some extra piping that allowed water to enter the panel through the old shower head that was all hidden behind the panel so as not to be visible. This means that the main water valve in the panel must be left on but is otherwise useless; water is turned on and temperature adjusted via the old faucet and tub diverter. Armed with books, videos and rental tools, homeowners across the country started tackling jobs that were previously the exclusive domain of builders and contractors. Great lens! I love the look of wainscotting, so crisp and clean. I will stop by again, when I tackle my next project.

I’m not sure I need to wait any longer to install one of these – I think I’m there….I can usually manage to half kill myself without any help. All I need is a tile floor, a soaking tub and me and we have ingredients for disaster. Great info though and am thinking of what we need to do down the road for ourselves. Definitely need those buttons! Let’s talk about artwork. Two things my daughter LOVES is velvet and daisies. She was born in April which the flower is the daisy. We were looking for art that would fit in with the yellow, grey and white color palette. If you remember, Sarah Richardson’s bathroom was our inspiration. Sort of a delicious country meets modern design.