Minimalist Home Decor Ideas (2)

Here is the original mold damage. (Barf.) Luckily, it’s all been remedied and rebuilt. The whole space is now framed out with new plumbing and electrical lines.

Many bathrooms are small, and because of that most people paint them a light color to open them up. Since white is the most common fixture color, light walls with white fixtures can seem ordinary or boring unless you take steps to prevent that happening. Hah! That’s more than a stab. I’d call that more of a thorough decapitation! Before I get too graphic with the analogy, let me just say this Hub rocks! As many have said, the kitchen. That is the one room that everyone spends the most time in. Supposedly. Great Hub. These are all very neat ideas for bathroom renovations. Renovated a bathroom is a great way to update and increase the value of the home.

Thanks – and yes, we learned that tip the hard way (buy extra of what you need). For that matter, stock up on lightbulbs, batteries and more when they go on sale. I’m so practical. I must be a mom. If you ordered at a store and your cabinets were delivered, you still need to contact the store where you ordered the cabinets. Call them and describe exactly what’s missing (you should be able to get exact part numbers off the instructions). i love the idea about decorating and also that cabinet make over. The result is awesome. I gotta try it soon. Thanks for sharing.

A long narrow sink with an end mounted faucet was attached to the wall towards the shower enclosure, and narrow glass shelves were mounted on the wall above it in place of a traditional vanity or medicine chest. Call Katlia Construction at 847-243-6374 to schedule a consultation for your bathroom remodel in Oak Park, Glenview, Park Ridge and surrounding areas in the Chicago, IL, area. Also ask about our other full-service home improvement options including kitchen remodeling, basement renovation, home additions, exterior home improvement and more.

Thank you. Funny you mention concrete patio update, we were thinking ouf re-covering ours in flagstone. I am still researching that one, but hope to try it. The idea is to achieve a balance between all the elements, and to make sure that non-compatible elements are placed away from each other. For this reason, you would never want your stove right next to your sink. Specifically, the best place for the sink would be North (for Career), East (for Family and Health) or SouthEast (for Wealth). A calm spa-like feel transforms the van into a spa-worthy retreat with the DIY techniques described below!