Old Meets New

It doesn’t matter how old we get, we never forget the places we came from, the things we did, and the people we loved. Even when our memories start to fade, there are times when peak memories make their way back into our lives; often these memories can be sparked by something we hear, see, or smell. Nostalgia is a favorite feeling of a lot of people. There is a great sense of joy that human beings feel when they are transported back in time in their minds to a place or event that was happiest. There are lots of ways to get your nostalgia going so you can relive the past again and again. Here are a few ways old meets new in the world today.


In North America, classic muscle cars are getting a facelift and being reproduced and sold all over the world to people who grew up with them and loved them. They still love them to this day. Cars like the Camaro have gotten some new lines and upgrades and can be bought in the form of a Camaro 5 now. Beautiful cars, and for anyone who drove a Camaro when they were a teenager loves the idea of being able to relive those moments in this new and improved version.

Drive-in Movies

There was a time in North America that these classic movie theatres were being shut down. But with the invigorated interest in these blast-from-the-past venues, drive-in movies are popping up here and there again. Old theatres are even being revitalized and reopened. It’s still as fun as ever to load up the car and eat popcorn in your pyjamas in the front seat of your car. With all the improvements technology was made over the years, you think they would have figured out how to stop the windows from fogging up at the drive-in movie theatre!

Drive-thru Restaurants

Sticking with the cars theme, restaurants are going back to quick service options for nostalgia’s sake. Remember when you could pull up to the burger joint and the waitress would rollerskate to your car and take your order? Yeah, that’s a thing again in the world. And maybe it never really stopped being a thing in some places, but for mainstream America, drive-thru is back and better than ever. Some places allow you to text or order online so your food is ready when you arrive. Imagine!

If there is one thing North American’s love, it’s when old things become new again. Think about those movies you’ll be watching at the drive-in movie theatre: Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Batman…everything is a remake these days. And while some are better than others, it’s fun to think about the things that bring us back to an easier time and place. So hop in your redesigned muscle car, take the family out for some burgers and a milkshake from the local drive-thru restaurant, and then head out for a fun night at the drive-in movie theatre. Reliving old times is a great way to spend your new time.