The concrete mixer combines cement, sand or gravel and water to make concrete. Mixing concrete yourself, by hand, without using a concrete mixer can be pretty grueling and challenging work. My dad, a self-professed handyman, used to do it all the time. I can still remember my normally very mild mannered father standing, quietly cursing at a semi-hardened wheelbarrow load of concrete. He’d let it sit too long. Not too long after that incident I arrived home from school and found a brand new, orange portable concrete mixer sitting in the garage. No more hand mixing concrete for him.

My brother in law is homeless most of the time. He rather prefers it that way. Not all homeless people don’t want to be homeless. I gave lodging to a woman who was homeless who turned out to be really crazy. The moral being, offer help if you can, but not necessarily bringing the homeless into your home. This is a wonderful lens and helpful to those who might find themselves without anything.

Software Technical Support Specialist – A Software Technical Support Specialist is a catch-all term that describes a person who makes their living supporting any type of software platform that people use. It could be a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platform like SalesForce or a website and blogging platform like WordPress. Once you become proficient in the installation, use and repair of a widely used software platform, you can charge clients for your expertise. The pay ranges anywhere from $50,000 to over $100,000 per year, depending upon your experience and client base.

Upgrading to low-flow toilets is a popular DIY project these days, and for good reason. If you have older toilets, you are probably using from three and a half to six gallons per flush. (Mine used about 4.5 gpf.) A modern low-flow model uses 1.28 gpf. For simplicity, let’s say that the saving is 3 gpf. Obviously, the water used will be the gallons per flush times the number of flushes times per day. So, if there are ten flushes per day, 30 gallons will be saved daily-and 900 gallons monthly, or 9,195 gallons a year.

You can buy items in bulk from established players who are looking to clear their inventories. Try to find items with a fairly consistent price, and buy them in bulk at a discount price. If an item can easily be sold for 1 refined, try to buy 3 of that item for 2 refined + 2 reclaimed, and sell them on your own, making yourself 1 reclaimed profit. This is a very easy and low-risk method of making profit. If you see an item that is at a low and has reason to increase in the future, make an investment! It could pay off big! Remember, every little bit adds up!