Our Basement Is “Finished”

Nothing beats the classic look of a spiral staircase. It adds elegance to any interior, and has the added benefit of saving space. Whether the staircase you prefer is a true spiral staircase or just gently curved, whether it is made from metal or oak, it will add grace and beauty to your home for many years to come.

This latency will not allow the concrete floor acid stain to penetrate as is needed to provide a beautiful concrete acid stain application so we need to use a floor maintainer (buffer) with a black or green scrub pad and TSP (trisodium phosphate) or our favorite, Super Blue , to scrub and shop vac the floor clean. b. Malin, Thank you. It’s nice when you can salvage something in your home and not have to send it to the landfill. Thank you for stopping by.

The shower was tiled in a fairly neutral color, so we added a little interest by adding a stripe of smaller, contrasting tiles. Designers recommend lots of perimeter lighting as well, including sconces, recessed spotlights, and fluorescent tubes or LED wall washers hidden behind coves. By lighting the walls, you can simulate natural ambient light and make the space seem bigger. Knowledge to make repairs to drywall, replace tile and easy plumbing fixes led the way to more difficult and challenging renovations. As more and more people started looking for home renovation information, sites began springing up all over the world-wide-web.

Whether you are looking for a maintenance free bright clean neutral basement wall or a more customized paintable look, our waterproof modular basement finishing system is right for your home. Yes, Lucille12, there are many choices to get and keep your laundry room neat and organized. Thanks for reading and commenting on my Hub! This basement in Belgium, Wisconsin, really needed a facelift! From a musty bedroom and a cold entertaining space to a bright, warm basement, this family now has a great place to live and play. Make your basement finishing work for you. Work from home and save gas and make your life more flexible.

Jenny and Nick visit a customer who had a severe mold problem in her finished basement. Nick explains how conventional finishing materials, such as drywall, wood studs and fiberglass insulation can be an invitation for mold and decay. Yeah, I guess most homeowners don’t pay much attention to this area of the house. If the laundry room had emotions, it would probably feel so unloved and betrayed. LOL…. I really appreciate your nifty tips and think it’s nice to spruce up this room a bit!