Plan A Home Remodeling Project—Effectively & Easily

It’s a bad scene all around, and since moving to the house the only thing we do in there is give dog baths. Now that the downstairs office & bedroom are almost complete, we’re turning our attention to the bathroom, and demo began this week. We removed the medicine cabinet from the wall, took down the drop ceiling, and started removing the plastic shower walls.

White subway tile can be paired with most any look. Make it the base for casual industrial style or dress it up with traditional-style furniture and fixtures for timeless look. Click on thumbnails below to view the photo slideshow showing our wainscoting project. Each photo includes a description of what we did. rfmoran, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. It can be a lot cheaper to go with a dresser I think.

The Remodeling magazine figures are based on a bathroom that is 5 by 7 feet. It is a main bathroom, not a master bathroom. This work would include all new tile on the floor, a tile tub surround and new tub, toilet and vanity with top and built-in sink. It also includes new paint, hardware, faucets and light fixture. If you’re trying to do your bathroom on a budget, consider choosing just a couple of elements to remodel. Maybe you keep the floor but change out the sink to meet your budget. Maine holds a special place in both Joey’s and my hearts, and I love having a piece of it represented here.

Try angling your bed or sofa. Or float that large sofa facing a fireplace, two smaller conversational seating groups, or a pair of chairs arranged at an angle. Depending on the shape, size, and scale of your room, consider using two loveseats or settees instead of a large sofa. If you’re resizing an old mirror after cutting it to size you’ll need to frame it primarily because where the glass is newly cut although clean and straight will be slightly jagged and visually noticeable if not hidden by a frame.

Hey there Jen! Very nice blog. I really find it inspiring for me. I run a blog where I talk all about the importance of using bathroom photos when coming up with ideas of what to do to your own place. You have also done a really good job of this covering kitchens. The ideal investment house for fix up and resale has at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms to attract more buyers. This cottage had only one bedroom.