Remember This? Bathroom Remodel Update

The shower curtains on the porch need to go. I am not trying for it, but it looks like a quaint little house. I enlarged it to get a really good look, and it looks like it would only be suitable for a small family. It is so difficult to see what a house is really like without seeing the inside. I am unfamiliar with the HGTV homes, but the concept interests me. Thanks for the question.

Oh how often I’ve read on magazine covers, titles such as, Fantastic ideas to de-clutter your small bathroom!” Or Brilliant design solutions for small bathrooms!” And then, when I open the magazine it turns out I could fit our entire living room into the bathrooms on display, and our entire bathroom into the bath. Agree? Her lovely legs and curvy lines brought in just the right amount of feminity without making the room looking too girly!

The shelving units were all purchased from one of the local big-box stores, and assembled at home. Though not as expensive as built-ins, this kind of cabinetry can put home renovations well within the reach of even a modest can be assembled with a few modest tools, including a drill, a manual or electric driver, and a hammer. Bringing the proper light into a bathroom is not easy due to the shadows that are prevalent in those smaller types of rooms. Also, consider the amount of natural light that enters a bathroom when choosing your lighting.

You might also want to consider hanging one larger item surrounded by a circle or rectanglular arrangement of smaller pictures. This type of arrangement is particularly effective for displaying a group of photos in a hallway. I actually grew up with a next door neighbor who had a quonset hut for their home. It was somewhat like a tiny mobile home, except it had a dirt floor basement. The only one I’ve ever been in and I haven’t seen another one since. Nice lens, these are interesting!

Whether you wish to make edge-to-edge, T or edge-to-corner joints these doweling jigs are essential for working with fibre boards such as chipboard, laminated chipboard or MDF to give a professional finish rather than using corner joints, screws or nails and a convenient alternative to mortise and tenon joints or using biscuit joints in wood. Your son is learning skills that will help him throughout his life in earning power and hopefully on a house of his own. I like the crisp look of this bathroom too. Clearly we are planning on two pedestal sinks with matching mirrors or medicine cabinets.