Remodeling A Basement

Basements offer a bonus for homeowners looking to increase living space. But unlike the rest of the house, these below-grade rooms require thoughtful planning and prep work.

Most people would be grateful to have those recycled kitchen cabinets that are now in your garage in their own kitchen. What a great way to clean up storage and work areas in a garage, basement, shed or shop and the more counter level work space the better. Be sure and report that spammer, we have to get them off Squidoo! Knowledge such as yours is always welcome although this article was not intended as an advertising forum. I hope others will contact you based on reading your comment. I’m in love with the seating bench that was not part of the original plan! So happy our contractor recommended it!

Thanks so very much, vocal coach – writing the HubNuggets round-up is always great fun! I wish I could enjoy the renos, too, but I’m no longer in the little house. You can do a lot with fresh paint, baskets, and some creative shelving, but that can be hard in a rental. Your bathroom makeover looks great. And the fact that it was inexpensive makes it even more super! Great ideas here – I think it is time for my bathroom to get a makeover too. Today, renters and homeowners alike are not satisfied with simply giving their homes a facelift – they want the ability to do complete renovations from the ground up.

While these materials work well when finishing rooms above grade, in a basement they usually spell disaster. Basements are naturally humid, and all these materials have the tendency to absorb moisture. They are also made with organic compounds: wood, paper and, in the case of fiberglass, a urea based adhesive is used to hold the batch together. The dome-shaped ceiling opens up this media room basement The fireplace under the media screen offers ambiance.

For the past 29 years, we’ve worked hard to earn respect as an honest and dependable Livonia construction company. We’re proud to say we’ve held an A+ BBB Rating since 1993. This is a fine hub – great ideas and clear presentation. Voted up and useful. My wife and I were lucky enough to purchase a home with a state-of-the-art laundry room – though it is a bit small. We added some storage shelves. Now, we just need to keep it free of clutter! I’m familiar with quonset barns. And while there are many barns i’d say i’d live in, i never thought about a qonset house. Hmmmmm….. Nice lens! Thanks.