Remodeling Our Bungalow

Bedrooms can be the simplest room in the home to work on and as a result DIY bedroom makeovers are popular. There is no plumbing to worry about, no cabinetry and even furniture is inexpensive when compared to living or even dining rooms.

Ok, Now that the water is stopped let’s make sure the power is turned off to the room or rooms that are affected. You can usually just go to your breaker box and find the breakers that need to be turned off. If you cannot get to the breaker box without going through water you should call an emergency water damage professional. Beadboard looks like wood paneling but is thicker. It can be made of wood, wood veneers or medium- or high-density fiberboard. Beadboard comes in 4-by-8 panels and must be installed on furring strips attached to the basement walls. Advantages of beadboard include ease of installation, relative durability and its upscale look.

The Total Basement Finishing System is a complete basement renovation package. This means that you can count on us as your one-stop remodeling source – including the walls, floors, ceiling, windows, lighting, electrical – everything you need! I realize everything is relative but I need something to go by when comparing contractors’ estimates versus the guesstimated savings of my doing things myself.

I actually loved my bed frame made from the milk crates. I put my yarn and material in them. The knitting needles were in plastic laundry detergent bottles with the top cut out leaving the handle. Now, if the water was not really nasty you can just mop the floors and clean the walls with all purpose cleaner. But if it was sewer water or other black water” you will need a sewage cleanup professional.

You may also want to take into account a flooring type’s ability to survive a flood, burst pipe or other high water issues to which basements can be victim. But once you settle those concerns, you have plenty of options for basement flooring from the classic carpet and vinyl to more modern cork and floating floors. Review the paint swatches next to your existing bathroom fixtures, wall color, and floor. Determine which color will look best. If you’re interested in the cost of finishing your basement, Badger Basement Systems can help. We would like to offer you a free basement remodeling quote at no obligation to you.