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Painting your bathroom a new color can make a huge difference in how the room feels. In this page I’ll help you choose the bathroom paint colors which will make your bathroom feel cheery or soothing, cozy or expansive, to fit your wishes and needs.

The shower arm is removed and replaced in exactly the same way as the showerhead: Unscrew it from where it comes out of the wall by turning counter-clockwise (righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!”), using a wrench, if needed. Hang onto the flange—the little object that hides the hole in the wall—unless you also have purchased a replacement flange. Our sister company, USA Bath, is located in Reno, Nevada. We are dedicated to serving Reno area homeowners with our residential bathroom remodeling solutions.

There are several reasons a client may decide to remodel a bathroom. The most common are a desire to upgrade the fixtures in the room, to fix leaks and water damage, and to increase or reconfigure the room’s floorplan. I decided to go with a pink and black girlie-girl fashion theme. Generally, I despise themed bathrooms, but I think this will work. If nothing else, my kids will like it and it will add a little humor to our home.

I got our cabinet in Ikea. I don’t know how prevalent their stores are in the States, but if you don’t have one near you then try any store that has CD or DVD cabinets – particularly ones that sell them cheaply as you are more likely to get one in unfinished wood that you can paint, which is what we did with the cabinet in the photo. As you enjoy your new kitchen or bath, we will enjoy knowing that we have another satisfied customer. At Reno Renovators, customer satisfaction is more than just another set of buzzwords – it’s what our business is based upon.

One of the most important things to do when considering remodeling your home and changing up your flooring is to research the contractors in your area. If you have made the decision to hire a professional rather than doing it yourself, start looking and asking around. I recently bought a quonset home from the 1940s & have been trying to find out the history. Like your site.