Sizing The Mirror Above Your Bathroom Vanity (2)

The above photo was taken when we did a walk through on the house. At the time, this was the only bathroom in the house and it certainly was not in the worst condition I’ve ever seen, thankfully, but we definitely knew we wanted to update it eventually.

Showerheads, toilets, and faucets have all become more water-efficient in recent years, thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary WaterSense program, which labels products that are 20 percent more efficient than federal standards. Our tests have found many WaterSense winners, including low-flow showerheads that deliver a satisfying pulse while meeting the flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. You can even have a rain showerhead these days that’s low-flow,” says Petrie.

And here’s what it looks like now….I’m in love with the color gray!! We tiled the floor (using the same tile we used in the 1/2 bath) and tiled behind the sinks. We kept the original tile around the bath and on top of the counter around the sinks. It’s not a perfect match, but it blends. Obviously I painted the walls, trim and the cupboards -what a difference!

My big savings came from buying a fibreglass tub and surround for $500.00 on sale and a sink/cabinet combo for $88. The most unexpected cost was the 3 gallons of oil based primer to coat all the wood (both sides, edges and ends). The building inspector advised it was a necessary step to avoid mold and mildew from forming behind the walls. Steam gets into every crevice and if it has a lovely unfinished wood surface to cling to, mold and mildew begin to grow very quickly. Since I never, ever want to do this job again I paid attention!

Your fixtures are going to take up space, so choose them with care. You may opt for a vanity style sink with a cabinet underneath for storage. But if you find that you don’t require storage space under your sink, consider a pedestal sink. It has a sleek, clean look and takes up less space than a vanity style sink. If you do need under-the-sink storage space, go for a single rather than a double vanity.