Small Basement Remodeling Ideas

Often times, the basement simply becomes a storage area or has unused space that can be transformed through a basement remodeling job from Steve Jackson Home Remodelers. Let Steve Jackson Home Remodelers help you transform your basement into another usable area that your family can enjoy. You can add in a home theater, entertainment area or put in an exercise room. If your family continues to grow, you may want to add in a new bedroom and bathroom. We have done numerous basement remodeling jobs for our customers and they all bring new life to your home.

Do you know how many cans it can take to fill a window, so the neighbor next door can’t see in? According to my sister, it took thirty-three cans to fill her kitchen window halfway up. She said the added advantage was that when the noisy neighbor looked out her window to snoop, she was blinded by the array of shiny aluminum. SuperiorInteriors – Thanks so much for reading and your comment. I think it is awesome that you are so handy around the house. That certainly makes life easier when you don’t have to pay for those jobs that you can do yourself. Thanks for your kind words.

Another valid point with this siding is that materials matter. Cheaper is not always better. You’re going to want a thick, quality vinyl siding that preferably with some form of insulation backing. If you’re going to do it you might as well do it right as you’ll be looking at it and reaping the benefits for quite a long time. Peggy I’ve seen that show I love it. She comes up with such good ideas. Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for the vote.

For us, we chose a mix of DYI and getting in professionals. For the rough-in for the basement, we chose to hire someone. Wiring, above ground pumbing, installation of fixtures, flooring, framing, drywalling, etc. we did ourselves. We’re not done yet, but for our 720 sqr ft basement, we’re looking at getting everything done for $25 to $30K total. What is the price range of the project you are considering? What is your immediate return on investment? Click here to read the 2014 Cost vs. Value Remodeling Report.

Once your concrete floor is acid-stained or dyed, a concrete sealer should be added to help resist water, stains, and dirt, and abrasives. You should also add three to four coats of a high quality acrylic floor finish to act as a sacrificial lamb for the sealer. Unless you install a plywood subfloor, your basement floor is likely to be a concrete slab. Fortunately, concrete accepts most common flooring choices, from paint to vinyl , laminate , tile, and carpet. Match the sewing thread to the color of the curtain. You don’t want glaring white thread to show through a dark curtain or vice versa.