Small Bathroom Makeovers

This post is a bit of a throwback, to the first house we owned. I’ll be doing a series of posts on this house, because we were able to make such big changes on a small budget.

I’m very impressed with your project and even more on the way you documented it. This is going to be my bible for a project in my son’s room. Thank you very much! This is the first time I’ve found a comprehensive step by step process that I really liked and felt I could do. The bowl was $60, because it came with a stand that made it look like a bird bath… I may use the stand for yard art… who knows.

Whether your project includes moving walls, raising ceilings, adding a whole new bathroom, or just updating using the existing room layout, Jericho Home Improvements has the experience to get the job done right. To find out more about our bathroom remodeling services please contact us via email or at (913) 596-0000. Are you confused yet? You should be, I mean, I can’t even figure out how to photograph the bathroom because of the awkward layout.

Shower Remodeling. A Bath Fitter shower replacement will completely change the feel of your bathroom without the hassle of construction. Our acrylic shower bases are customized to fit perfectly over your existing shower base. We finished off the alcove above the sink and stool by filling it with a floor-to-ceiling mirror glued to the drywall with silicone cement. At $160, it’s an inexpensive, useful way to make a room feel more spacious.

I was hoping that framing and installing our shower pan would be something my hubby and I could do on our own. It definitely seems more complicated than I originally thought, but most home renovations are right?! I guess we’ll just be better off hiring a hamilton plumbing company for the job. They realy look good and must easy to keep clean since there is built on the edge of the frame. Thank you for a great hub.