Small Bathroom Remodel

Plants make wonderful additions to bathrooms. They add a spirit enhancing, oasis-like feel. They also help brighten up bathrooms-both visually and on an emotional level. There are many plants that thrive in bathroom environments better than they would in other areas of the home. When adding plants to your bathroom, there is some basic advice that you should follow.

Another hot appliance that’s quickly gaining in popularity is the towel warmer. Imagine stepping out of the bathtub or shower and being treated to a nice, toasty towel! Plumbing a retrofit panel usually means removing the existing shower head and replacing it with a hose or pipe that will feed water to the panel. This means that existing valves will still be used to turn the water on and adjust the temperature, but in exchange it is very easy to do. Adding a luxury bath or shower or a luxury bath shower combination is a great way to incorporate relaxation and stress relief into your remodeling project.

What is it made of? The slabs are made of recycled glass, clay and sea shells. They get their recycled glass from land fills and glass blowing factory ovens. Do you see that I have to actually climb into my bathtub to hang my towels? Raise your hand if you think this works out well on days when I’m tired and possibly my body isn’t doing what I’m asking it to do without a great deal of thought and effort.

Leave enough space for a small waste paper bin as well as toilet brush. These can be tucked behind the toilet or inside a vanity unit. If using a vanity unit, you will want this away from water spray from the shower or it will need to be of a waterproof material. They both look so fresh and clean. We just finished our guest bath remodel and used a pottery barn vanity and mirror! Love it!

We moved one wall of the shower over onto the tub surround, which gave us a ledge in the shower. Amazing how much more space we have with just a 6 inch row of tile!!! Below are the five steps to a successful kitchen or bath remodel; this is what we use, so you’ll know just how we will proceed with your project. I love unique ways people use shelving in their home—and the library in this Quonset hut living room is definitely unique!