Southwest Drywall Repair Inc.

How to repair drywall is one of the most common questions on a home improvement website, and here’s the reason why. It’s tough to successfully patch a wall so that you can’t even tell it was ever damaged. With drywall covering just about every square inch of your house, condo, or apartment, it’s bound to get messed up so take my advice. Learn the right way to repair holes in your drywall or make friends with someone who can.

The reason is that if drywall is installed improperly, then you risk the chance of problems occurring later. Those who do have the unfortunate experience of having improperly installed drywall understand the troubles. They may have walls that are not even and cracks in the walls and the ceiling. They may also find that even the tiniest of knocks into the wall results in a gaping hole. This is why there are companies out there that are dedicated to repairing those botched drywall installations.

This is our fireplace in our great room. Our great room is open to the kitchen and the dining room. We eat, do homework, watch TV, entertain, basically live in this room. I wanted to point this out because when you take on a project like this, you have to be ready to live in dust, destruction, and chaos, in our case, for several weeks. I did almost all the work myself. A one woman show takes longer than a construction crew. I did have some help. My dad taught me how to do the drywall, my mom helped me with the dust clean up, and my husband helped with furniture moving and cleaning. I’m still cleaning up concrete and wall board dust. I think the two hit it off and have started to multiply.

I contacted Edward by sending him a text along with photos of the repairs I needed (2 large holes in the ceiling). He responded immediately with a very reasonable quote so we worked out a date when we were both available. With the amount of reviews here, he’s a busy guy, but he was able to accommodate me sooner than I expected. I usually find good communication lacking when dealing with contractors but Edward is the exception.

One service that we specialize in at our Drywall Company is drywall installation. Our drywall installers are very professional when it comes to hanging drywall. Before hanging the drywall on the walls the ceiling must be completed first. The drywall can be easily cut to the size needed. We do use a drywall lift when needed to lift the larger size sheets of drywall. Our drywall contractors in Thousand Oaks provide the best drywall service around. Drywall cutting can be done with ease if you’re a professional drywall installer.