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If the power supply / charger for your laptop or net-book starts to fail intermittently the chances are that it’s because the insulation of the cable is broken where it connects to the power supply causing short circuits.

Yep, they sure do. Here are photos-the good one is of the old line, still in place on the 1/4-inch line from the wall. The crumby one of its replacement, a 12-inch PVC line. I needed a replacement because the new toilet is a 17-inch high model-these are increasingly common, as being arguably more comfortable to use, and more friendly for aging knees-and the line was meant for the old standard of 15 inches.

If your timeline doesn’t allow it, then here’s a short list of what to look for when buying a vintage camper from an ad. When it comes to things that will need fixing, RV & Trailer shops may be of some help to you in repairing systems, but don’t expect them to have an appreciation for vintage restoration. Their hourly rates are high and they only stock modern parts. If you want to keep things retro, find a retro shop or a craftsman who appreciates the historic integrity of your camper. Unless you have the skills yourself, its best to buy from a vintage fan who has spent hours as a labor of love.

I am experienced in most of the trades except concrete work and landscaping. I am not a licensed contractor, but a handyman, therefor I specialize in small jobs. I can’t do everything in the world nor do I have magical powers to figure out everything. Some things are beyond my abilities, but if I take your job I will work diligently to ensure your satisfaction. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your problem to determine if I feel that I am the right man for the job.

Long stitch bookbinding was one of the styles that would gradually evolve off of the Coptic bookbinding tradition. It’s hard to nail down exactly what a long stitch technique is since there is actually a wide array of various forms of long stitch bookbinding. Basically the one common detail is that long stitching involves stitching that goes through a slotted cover, meaning the sections aren’t glued to the cover, but literally sewn in.