Stylish Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

The above figures place the bathroom update at $250 per square foot. This pricing structure assumes that carpenters charge an average of $70 per hour, electricians between $65 to $85 per hour, painters between $20 and $35 per hour and plumbers between $45 and $65 per hour.

I have always wanted to use an old vanity in my bathroom. Actually, it’s a dry sink, but it would be just right for our downstairs half bath. Seeing your beautifully done transformation makes me want this to happen even more! Trouble is, my husband is neither handy, nor interested. Guess I’ll have to learn how to do it myself! You won’t be able to submit it as an answer to the question, but it can still totally count! Just share a link to it in this thread! It’s totally not against the rules to do so. Lowe’s offers a variety of bathroom installation services to assist you in performing a major bath remodel or in finding bathroom remodel ideas.

Something missing from these remodel articles are suggestions for shortening the time to complete. We have a modest sized house in the Memphis, TN area- 3 Br, 2 bath, living room, dining room, den. We have remodeled our (1) kitchen, (2) great room-dining room (converted dining, living and den to an open concept of 1 great room with a dining room, and (3) 1 small bathroom. The kitchen was done first and the others followed in several years. We used the same contractor for all our projects. His references were great and we visited some of his remodels as part of the check-out process. He does most of the work himself, works on ONE renovation at a time so he can work every day, all day.

Renovating a small place in the house is really a challenge. Perfect timing I’m now in the middle of renovating a small old country house bathroom. I love those photos of pedestal sinks. Thanks for these ideas. Is it very hard to install frameless shower doors toronto like this yourself? My husband is pretty handy, but I’m wondering if we would be better off hiring someone to do the work. I’d appreciate any additional information about the difficulty of this task!

In any major renovation project, resist the temptation to work fast when you’re in the demolition phase. You might be tempted to pull out existing fixtures quickly so you can get to the installation of new ones. You should determine whether or not an electrical component is attached before removing wires from a wall. The bathroom looks great! (I’m a sucker for mosaic tile) Way to go tackling this project and taking pictures along the way. Great idea for a lens. I’ve been thinking about replacing a light in my kitchen with a decorative pendant. This gave me some good ideas. Thanks!