Supreme Court Of Pennsylvania Holds Contractor And Subcontractor Payment Act Inapplicable To Public Works Projects

It always astounds me when homeowners undertake six-figure projects without having a lawyer review the contract. My rule of thumb is simple. Always have an attorney look over your agreement unless it’s for an amount of money that you are willing to lose.

General Contractor’s know in what order trades should be aloud to install in a home. If a home owner gets the order wrong he could end up having one trade remove another trades work and have to get the first trade back again to redo his work. This will cause you money and time. It also causes ill will with the trades as they all believe they should be in a job first.

Jon, the high speed trains stop at Faversham, so why are they cutting the trees in Cromwell Road? The trains ARE made longer during peak times, and are more frequent, but they always were. Why the change now? If there’s a problem with the trees, the judicious removal of some of them might be appropriate, but this is total clearance. And no, it’s not the contractors cutting a few extra trees to sell the wood. Network Rail have to give permission, so it has to be an NR decision. It will have nothing to do with the contractors. It has to be something else. Let’s face it: a clean concreted embankment will be cheaper to maintain, and that – I suspect – is the real reason behind this work.

PPS was run without a Qualified Party in 2013. PKBB was run without a Qualified Party from 04/23/2013 until Derrick King (Picture #5) was appointed as the Qualified Party on 09/28/2013. Our PPS and PKBB contracts ran from 05/28/2013 until 08/08/2013 when PKBB’s contractor license was SUSPENDED. The ROC was slow by three months in updating its internet website which reflected that all the contractor’s license were current and in effect until the Arizona Audit forced the ROC to correct the internet records on 07/31/2013.

The installers may have to drill a hole through one of your walls to bring the fiber cable into your house. You need to decide where to setup the residential gateway modem inside your house. This will also be where the included DECT phone has to be placed unless you plan to run another phone cable from the modem to wherever you wish to place the phone. Please note there is a limit of 15m of cable for the standard installation. Any longer and you will have to pay extra.