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Makeover A Bathroom For Around $100

If you are planning on finishing or remodeling your basement, chances are you are probably considering the addition of a bathroom. The unique challenge of adding a bathroom to a basement is the concrete which can be labor intensive to remove. For this reason you must remove a section of concrete with either a jackhammer or a concrete saw. Typically a jackhammer is used to break up the concrete to access the plumbing drains.

I choose to paint the cinder block in my basement to cut down on the material cost that would occur with all the studs, sheet rock, and the extra work of Spackle and taping the joints and many screw heads. Our Total Basement Finishing System gives you that reassurance with a warranties on our walls that are for 50-years, warranties on our ceiling tiles that are for 30-years, and our line of tested and patented, highest-quality … Read More