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School Handyman Used An App To Repair His Business

As temperatures fall and wind speeds rise along with the price of fuel, it’s time to consider plugging those gaps which are so often a feature of London’s millions of sash windows.

Female serial killers, or murderesses, are very adept at luring their unsuspecting victims into their traps before they are poisoned, bludgeoned, shot or stabbed to death. There is a minimum of twelve serial killers at any one time in America, and the odds are that at least one of them is a female serial killer. Most women who kill use poisons such as arsenic to carry out their deadly acts.

Bookkeeping is a great self employment opportunity for individuals with skills in math and keeping records. Depending on the type of client you seek determines what kind of experience you need. Many skilled freelance bookkeepers have not more then a few college classes after high school while freelance … Read More

Types Of Business Ideas For Self Employment

Last Saturday I posted a note about a recently decided case against a military contractor for injuries to soldiers from exposure to dangerous materials. See here I also posted a separate note on the continued reports on sexual assaults on female cadets at the Air Force Academy and the effect of the Feres doctrine on the possible liability of the state for those injuries. See here.

The Warehouse will be open Saturday, Sept 30th and every Friday and Saturday night in October from 7:00pm until the crowds are gone. Please remember that this is Ohio Time, we will try to be accommodating to all of our guests that travel. Ticket price will remain the same at $8.00 dollars for all ages, although children under 12 are cautioned due to intense scenes. Come, if you dare, and venture into the depths of terror. Be warned, this event is not for the … Read More