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10 Really Cool Quonset Homes—And One Really Ugly One

For those of you who like Curava, now they have a resin based mixed with the cement. It is smooth and maintenance free, unlike its origins. Sales have increased because of the resin base. In fact those who like quartz will like this resin mix. You get the look and it is maintenance free. The one I like the most are the one’s with blue and ice like tones. Other quartz that I have seen have many earth tones, like browns. Some of us need other tones like cool blues, greens and grays.

Very nice lens. I love information on decorating. (HGTV seems to have changed to more of buying and selling house station, than decorating- I miss the old programs) Thanks for doing this. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to buy towel racks at a home improvement store or IKEA. One of my friends used old … Read More

10 Really Cool Quonset Homes—And One Really Ugly One (2)

These days with the housing market in the dumps and the current state of financial affairs ravaging the U.S. economy, people are looking for value-added materials and projects to increase their home values for one or two reasons. They either want to make it better than their neighbors so they can sell it as houses for sale right now are a dime a dozen or the latest housing market woes have really hit their house values hard. Either way, doing a little maintenance and replacing the siding on your current home could add a way for you to conquer each of these scenario’s.

Costs are much different now that I’ve been out of the business for over 7 years now, but one thing stays the same: vinyl is better than aluminum for thermal efficiency and glazing options. Metal windows will never achieve the proper u- values needed for today’s energy … Read More

10 Actually Cool Quonset Homes—And One Actually Ugly One

I post updates on our fixer upper all the time round right here, however I thought it was high time that I group all the earlier than and after pictures of our house’s progress in a single spot.

Tack-weld the four sheets together at ninety degree angles to 1 another, holding the 20 inch sides collectively. Now weld four rods on the 4 corners and four in between each panel. These rods will probably be sunk into the ground and hold this massive metallic sq. in place. Once, that’s executed use a sledgehammer and a piece of wooden to help dig holes to sink the fire pit into the bottom. This one will final you a lifetime.

In relation to designs, you can be pretty spoiled by the range which immediately’s online shops have to offer. However at the identical time, you should remember that some faucets might come with … Read More