The 80’s Wants Their Bathroom Back Is Finished!

For those of you who like Curava, now they have a resin based mixed with the cement. It is smooth and maintenance free, unlike its origins. Sales have increased because of the resin base. In fact those who like quartz will like this resin mix. You get the look and it is maintenance free. The one I like the most are the one’s with blue and ice like tones. Other quartz that I have seen have many earth tones, like browns. Some of us need other tones like cool blues, greens and grays.

It is a excellent way to boost the existing décor. Integrateded storage systems increase functionality and visual appeal in a small bath. These systems give you a scope to enhance the appearance of your toilet location. Make it sure that you create these built-ins near the tub, mirror and sink They are going to be beneficial for you as you can keep your toiletries such as razor, body wash, shampoo along with soaps in these storage places.

We take time throughout each part of the process to make sure we understand exactly what you want. The planning stage is the most critical part of the process, and we never rush that. Our staff will take time to ask lots of questions and discuss ideas to help pinpoint exactly what you want. We then compile a detailed plan to eliminate any chance of confusion. And remember, we always guarantee total satisfaction with all of our remodeling projects!

Backsplash and floors: These are almost the last things to happen. You can’t install tile back splash until the counters have been laid. And with floors, you don’t want a lot of construction activity taking place on your newly surfaced floors. In the case of wood floors, if they need to be sanded, the sanders will come close to and may bang in to your new cabinet faces. Protect them cardboard and hold off on installing any of your floor trim (baseboards, shoe moldings, etc) until the floors are totally complete.

I visited the Grand Hotel on Michigan’s Mackinac Island. Each room of the hotel is decorated differently. They described it as each room being wrapped like a present, each unique. I have a couple of rooms I would like to decorate with that kind of feel. I found your tips very helpful. I especially like the cardboard boxes to simulate furniture pieces. I have used that technique for wall hangings using paper, but this is the first I heard to use it to mimic furniture. Great lens!