The Great Bathroom Remodel

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Our master bath is very small, but is bright because it has a window. Hubby and I hung a small shelf with hooks over the back of the toilet and hung colorful wooden buoys on the hooks and put a small colorful sailboat on the shelf. This shall most CERTAINLY be of use to someone. Your solutions are fantastic (and truly, truly practical), plus the photos are great!

Great articles. Travertine’s non slip quality is very suitable for wet floor areas such as bathroom, swimming pools and outdoor. I love the look of the seamless cabinets and facing the refrigerator with matching cabinet fronts This may be one of the most expensive design ideas but look at the impact. From white cabinets to full wood, the design of the kitchen simply flows giving continuity throughout the entire space. Excellent Lens – I’ve always loved Ikea’s products, never knew how purchasing things like cabinets and such worked, though.

What a beautiful story, you are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends. A little bit of paint, a beautiful bed board and a new bedspread can make a huge difference in a bedroom. I hope your warm and inviting new bedroom help you cope better with your illness. Free installation is likely to come with a cost in time rather than $$. You may be able to save time and money with a compromise solution where you assemble the cabinets yourself and then have an installer actually install them for you.

Understand what products you use to clean clogs from your drains. Not all cleaners are made the same, and some are extremely harsh. Steer clear of crystallized cleaners, since they tend to stick to pipes and cause harm. Be sure to select drain cleaners that work well with the type of septic tank you have. Stunning! What a huge difference! We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel and now I want to change it all up so it is as classy and elegant as yours. Ours is currently in the destruction stage. Ugh. For those who may be interested the wall color is Biscuit” SW6112 by Sherwin Williams and was painted two years ago.