The Project Will Take a Few Months

In fact it would be a much shorter thing if there was more money, but that is not how this one is going to work. I know this guy and I am not going to get in too deep with him. It is not like he is trying to cheat anyone, but you simply do not want to take too much for granted with him. The last time I did some plantation shutters for him. He bought them and I put them in, it was a nothing job that I knocked out in a couple of hours. However he took about two and a half months to pay me for the job. So I obviously am not going to do thousands of dollars worth of labor and then depend on him to cough it up on time and without me having to get in his face about it. That is just not my style. I want to be paid for my work without having to get involved in any extracurricular nonsense.

It is not like I am going to threaten to break some fool’s legs over a late payment. Life is too short for that sort of bull, so I am doing it like this. He pays me up front for each and every part of the job. Then I do it and after that he pays me for the next part. It is going to take a lot longer than it should, for this exact reason. If I knew he was absolutely good for the money, then I would be fine with letting him owe me a little, but since I know he had a lot of trouble paying me the last time I just do not intend to go through the same thing on a much larger scale all over.