The Steps To Finishing Your Basement

Homeowners decide to finish their basements for more living space, or they have specific plans in mind such as a child’s playroom. Before you start laying down carpet and changing your basement space into something new, you need to take a few preliminary steps that will help to protect your belongings and prevent you from wasting money.

Waterproof The Basement

Your very first step to finishing your basement is to call a waterproofing contractor. Some homeowners make the mistake of thinking that filling in the cracks in the basement wall will be enough to keep the water out. But a professional waterproofing expert will take the time to determine why the basement is getting flooded, and then take the steps to stop it. If you do not waterproof your basement first, then you run the risk of having everything you put in your basement damaged by water.

Check The Grading Outside

A waterproofing expert may or may not check the grading around your basement, but it is an important part of the finishing process. The grading around your basement is how the land slopes away from your home to carry water away from the basement. If the ground around your basement is flat or slopes towards the basement, then you will have significant water issues. But if you take the time to grade the ground away from your basement, then you eliminate another way that your basement can get flooded.

Paint Or Stain The Concrete

Even if you plan on putting a carpet in your basement, you should still stain or paint the concrete floors and walls to keep the smaller amounts of moisture out. You can buy a stain that is mixed to look like marble, or a paint that makes your walls and floor all red. Be sure to get a stain or paint specifically designed for basements to help seal the concrete and block moisture.

Take Care Of The Windows

If you did not use your basement very much before you decided to finish it, then your basement windows may need some attention. Wooden window frames in basements tend to rot because of the excess moisture in basements, and weak windows do not offer a lot of security. Have an expert check your windows over and make sure they offer the proper amount of protection for your new finished space.

Finishing a basement is a great way to make sure that you use all of the space your home has to offer. Before you start the work of putting down carpets and putting up walls, you need to get some preliminary work done that will help make your basement space comfortable and safe.