Those 5 Indian Festivals That Brings Us Closer

India is a land of many religion, culture, race, and language. There is still a lot of peace and unity here given the fact that so many people of various backgrounds stay here. There are certain festivals that are traditional and brings out that secular nature of our festivals. Take a look below and see how well-structured we are in terms of celebration.


This is definitely the festival which has made India famous in world stage. Numerous lights and lamps lit up and put the gorgeous layer on this festival. It is undoubtedly the biggest festival of India because it unites us in a larger scale. Every sector or state of India has its own flavor of Diwali. In most parts of Northern and Central India, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha is worshipped while some other deities are worshipped in other parts. But the spirit of the festival is same everywhere and that is light in the form of diyas and lamps.

Raksha Bandhan:

No other place in the world celebrates the bond between a brother and a sister. This festival is celebrated to strengthen the tie of love and care between a brother and sister. In case you cannot be here, do send online rakhi to India for your brothers and cousins. A band for wrist called rakhi is tied by the sister which protects the brother against all odds. In return the brother promises to safeguard his sister all through her life.


Colors are sprayed on people both in dry and wet form. The season when Holi is celebrated is believed to have germs in air that induces diseases like pox and measles. The splash of natural Holi colors actually wards off the danger of these diseases. Natural colors are prepared with flower extracts and doctors suggest to use only these natural or herbal colors. The color playing session is followed by sweets, snacks, and bhang session. If you have never witnessed Holi of India, you are missing something very interesting.


There are less percentage of Christians or Anglo-Indians in this country but that doesn’t limit the secular minded Indians from soaking into Christmas celebration. Cakes are baked or ordered, Christmas trees are brought to decorate home, and someone gets dressed in Santa Claus attire to surprise people with lovely gifts. If you sometime step into Park Street region of Kolkata, for a moment you cannot imagine that you are in India. The decoration, the madness, and fervor inside people’s mind are so much there.


This is a long 10 days celebration where goddess Durga is worshipped. Song, dance, drama, play, etc. form a big part of this celebration. Just like Diwali there is a different story of this festival in various parts of India.

Be it any kind of festival, we all love to be at home with loved ones and celebrate the nuances of these festivals.