Tips before build a new house

Actually, in the construction of houses should have a lot of preparation, the most energy-consuming home-making is preparing the budget. Moreover, the recent material price increase is unpredictable. No wonder that in preparing the budget plan could change because of changes in material prices.

Even so try the calculations are as accurate as possible in order to note the real magnitude of the costs involved. Calculations can be compiled to determine the items of development work.

Here are the stages of development work home in outline:

1. Early work

The first step is a measurement to determine the position of the building and its limits. Then also useful temporary wooden peg determine the points of the building to erect a fence to use the board.

It also includes excavation associated with the foundation work by calculating the width and depth. This job calculated how long a foundation created to determine the amount of labor and material number.

Then again bury the foundation and floor of a building that normally force calculation per square meter.

2. Plumbing, mechanical and electrical

Item work is the installation of a toilet, sink, bath up, water heaters, faucets. Also, Do not forget the installation plumbing. Then the installation of electrical wiring, fuse boxes, switches, lighting dots. For the professional plumbing installation, you can see at Derby Emergency plumber.

3. Sills, doors, and windows

Installation of the frames on the sides of certain walls to weaker-out access and air-conditioned. The timber was covered with varnish or paint to make it durable. Then the work also includes installation of locks and handles door / window. Usually the frames that count per unit.

4. Roof frame

Scope of work in the form of roof truss installation, if necessary plus aluminum foil (if necessary) and installation of tile along with its accessories. Roof frame can be selected from mild steel and wood. His estimate is how many blocks of wood / steel needed to construct the frame.

5. Finishing

Here the material item by installing both indoor and terrace floor. Including certain walls such as kitchen or bathroom.

Then also finishing work sills, doors, and windows through coating varnish or paint to make it durable and add to the beauty of the building. Here also included installation of handles and locks. Painting the walls of both exterior and interior.