Total Basement Finishing System

Often times, the basement simply becomes a storage area or has unused space that can be transformed through a basement remodeling job from Steve Jackson Home Remodelers. Let Steve Jackson Home Remodelers help you transform your basement into another usable area that your family can enjoy. You can add in a home theater, entertainment area or put in an exercise room. If your family continues to grow, you may want to add in a new bedroom and bathroom. We have done numerous basement remodeling jobs for our customers and they all bring new life to your home.

Duncan – Happy Friday to you my friend. Let’s see… so let’s say 1000 sq. ft. of finished basement, you’ve already got framing and electrical (sounds like), you just need demo and new drywall. Maybe flooring? Let’s say you and your homies demo it (beer and pizza). Then you hire out the drywall – (2,500 rough est.) Paint it yourself – maybe 300. Flooring 3k. So maybe 5k-7k. That’s a very rough back of the my hand estimate. You’re saving a lot of time and money by not having to do framing and electrical.

Vinyl flooring is an inexpensive idea for laundry room flooring. Gone are the days of grandma’s hideous vinyl patterns and inferior materials. You can choose from durable peel and stick vinyl squares or vinyl sheeting. New vinyl flooring advances include designs and textures that simulate wood grain or natural stone surfaces – they’re amazingly similar to the real deal!

The family room is one of the easiest and interesting rooms for homeowners to remodel. The reason being the huge potential for whatever you decide to do. Simple things like updating the wall decor and the carpet in your family room will increase your homes value, but you can also try more extravagant things like adding extra space, a mantlepiece or even a mini-bar.

Andrea: It is very difficult to judge drafts in a new home without doing a blower test. If your problems are bad enough, I would suggest having one done to find the cause of the problem. Just because your windows are new does not mean they are the most efficient when it comes to air infiltration. Builders often use, unfortunately, lesser quality windows in new homes. I fought that battle for many years as I had to justify why the brands I sold were better, and thus more expensive. Good luck in all you do! Thanks for dropping by!