Unusual Flooring Options to Liven Up Your Home

We often turn to paint, wallpaper and furniture to do the talking in our homes, but should we actually be looking down? Here are some of the most unique flooring options to make your home stand out.

Unusual Flooring

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Go Natural

Natural weaves made from coir, sisal and seagrass are becoming more and more popular, as they come in a range of styles, colours and even prints. If you’re loving the rustic farmhouse look and want flooring that gives you a tweed feel, then sisal could be the one for you. It’s a great alternative to traditional wool and comes as either large rope or thin cord. It also takes wonderfully to dye, so you can experiment with colours such a silver, pewter and white.


Industrial chic is big, and what better way to achieve the look than with concrete flooring? Ideal Home have referred to it as effortlessly cool as well as praising its practicality for being hard-wearing and low-maintenance and even brightening up large areas by allowing light to reflect easily. You can either have your concrete flooring polished to look as shiny as marble or keep it as a more authentic matte finish.

Goat Hair

Tretford carpet offers a more unusual mix in their carpet make-up, with 80{5d8d7c25cb15e7b116f989d6a5f18c8aaafee062d15c9ae7b9c86e3dba7b2bec} Mongolian goat hair, 15{5d8d7c25cb15e7b116f989d6a5f18c8aaafee062d15c9ae7b9c86e3dba7b2bec} nylon and 4{5d8d7c25cb15e7b116f989d6a5f18c8aaafee062d15c9ae7b9c86e3dba7b2bec} viscose. The mix results in a surprisingly soft carpet which is also tough and very environmentally friendly. Not only does it come in a range of colours and designs, but it’s also great for those with allergies, as it attracts dust and nano-fibres which would usually stay airborne.


Whist these unique flooring options could really set your home apart, there’s still room for more traditional options to give your home an expensive and opulent feel. Solid wood flooring, such as the options available from http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/solid-wood-flooring, can be the ultimate investment if treated well.

Decorating a new home or office or sprucing up your existing rooms can be exciting but costly. Focussing on getting the flooring right can change a whole room, giving it an expensive feel. It can also be a great investment for the future. You can choose flooring that’s environmentally friendly or good for allergies too – whatever suits you and your family or your business premises.