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A small bathroom has its advantages. A small space means less to clean and less to maintain. However, a small space— bathroom or otherwise—can also feel cramped. Believe it or not, the right decorating can fix that problem. You can decorate your small bathroom to make it feel more spacious. Here’s how to make your small bathroom look bigger.

Selecting a layout that is simple and works well with your current bathroom will help bring down costs significantly. This is because contractors won’t have to completely redo your piping, electric wiring, or anything else. Since the largest expense with a bathroom remodel is labor, this can save quite a lot of money. Anyway, please kindly visit my lenses abstractpainting. Its about decorating home. Hope it will be useful 🙂 Thanks. rebeccamealey, I surely hope this will be helpful. The contractor was a gem. He even did some other work.

Wall off the kitchen from the remaining rooms of the house during remodeling process. Dust will be flying from any wood or plaster board which is being cut. There will be dirt and dust when the walls, flooring, plumbing, or old electrical fixtures are being removed or installed. Glass shower door is gone and no more glass doors to clean.. in fact, no shower door at all right now.

Conventional bathtubs come in a range of materials including enamel-on-steel, cast iron, acrylic and fiberglass gel coat. More exotic options include composite materials, wood and cultured marble. Installation options include freestanding bathtubs, bathtubs installed into alcoves and those installed on platforms. Paint is always, on a budget, your best quick option on a makeover,” says Justin DiPego, senior editor of And you can do that yourself.

You may not be blessed with a large sized living room, but you can sure feel like you have one. Instead of displaying a wooden coffee table, display a glass one instead. The clarity of the table makes you feel as though you have more space in your room. Make sure to only display glass in areas where there are no earthquakes. Also note that, even small changes like the color of the metal strip between the carpet and bathroom floor can help update a house.