What Home Improvements Will Add The Most Value And Equity To Your Home?

This guide is intended to give you an overview of the permitting process for a bathroom remodel. If your project only involves replacing (like-for-like) exisiting cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing and/or electrical fixtures, you do not need a permit.

Appliances in the bathroom? Yes! Many luxury bathrooms now have small integrated refrigerators that fit seamlessly into the cabinets. They’re often used to hold chilled wines and other beverages that might be enjoyed while soaking. Yes, Katie, it’s pretty dangerous for all of us, but the elderly have a greater chance of slip and fall accidents, of course. Thanks!

If you have pets, you will want to keep their nails trimmed to avoid scratches on your laminate wood floors. You should also be aware that laminate floors do not need waxing and you should avoid harsh cleaners especially any that contain bleach. The bathroom remodel process now moves through a series of stages: demolition, rough in, product installation, and finish work. Proper jurisdiction inspections are done throughout these stages too.

With Mark on site and overseeing each detail of the remodeling project, he will already have a good handle on where the job is at and what to do to ensure your kitchen makeover continues efficiently and appropriately. Remember: Natural plants are a great choice but faux plants can also give you the tranquil and natural look that you desire. I don’t know I would find just awesome and artistic ceramic knob handles, but all of the ones on this example are so interesting!

Learn simple DIY cheap kitchen remodel upgrades that add beauty and equity. Remodel a kitchen cheaply without a contractor. An over-the-door towel hanger can be used to hang hand towels and bath towels. For washcloths, roll them up and place them in a basket on the back of the toilet. An acrylic corner bathtub can be found for just over $600, and this type of tub comes in a wide range of colors. Most of these tubs come with a five-year warranty. I’d be thrilled if you could link up this amazing post to my weekly Say G’day Saturday linky party which is on now! Hope you can join in.