Why Slimline Sliding Doors Are Perfect For a Residential or Commercial Projects

They are attractive and trending among discerning clientele. Slimline sliding doors provide a high-tech, aesthetically pleasing door that is safe, sleek and spectacular in its benefits. The thin frame and minimalistic design offers you an opportunity to let the glass shine as a décor element for the sturdy Slimline doors. The minimal frame gives a sleek, modern look to your space.

Sliding doors have a number of benefits. They are efficient insulators for indoor or outdoor spaces, and offer a better sense of flow to your room. Installing a sleek Slimline sliding door visually opens your space, making them a leading trend for 2017. The extremely modern and stylish doors offers all-year-round views of the seasons as they transform your landscape. If you have an amazing view, Slimline sliding doors can give you a panoramic view. Push the boundaries of your rooms with the astonishing look of Finepoint Glass’ aluminum framed Slimline sliding doors. Carefully designed and installed, the door panels slide snugly into the weather-sealed frame so heat loss is at a minimum while you get the benefit of witnessing the natural beauty of the seasons as they change outside your cozy space.

One of the more popular décor trends for 2017, the expansive shining glass look of a Slimline door brings light and air into a room. When you minimize the boundary between your indoor and outdoor living you open your plain accommodations to more possibilities. Letting more light into your space has proven to be effective in lifting your mood and creating a general sense of well-being on a daily basis. A sunny room with an abundance of access to natural light can improve your metabolism, boost your immunity and help you sleep better. Installing a Slimline sliding door can open up an otherwise drab room due to the expansive glass and thin aluminum frame of the secure Slimline sliding doors. They are extremely safe with shatterproof safety glass, aluminum seals, incorporated gaskets and fixed leaves for a more secure seal. A floor-to-ceiling glass door with thin aluminum frames gives you a stunning effect for your space.

Finepoint Glass offers a wide variety of stylish finishes and designs for Slimline doors, such as the on-trend aluminum. A strong and sturdy material, aluminum gives a modern and minimalist look to the popular doors that offer so many benefits to a space. The durable aluminum frame maximises the area of the glass for an astonishing view. The attractive and strong aluminum framed glass doors give a clean line to your rooms, opening them up to the world outside or dividing a space in an unobtrusive way for a home or business to have privacy without giving up aesthetic. The aluminum framed finish increases your security while also letting the panes of glass shine, a big improvement over their clunky counterparts of the past. Opening your rooms with dramatic doors continues to be one of the most asked-for upgrade for businesses and homeowners in 2017.

Based in North London, the experienced team at Finepoint offers a bespoke and tailored service and can work to optimise any design project with their impressive range of glass. Elegant, secure and functional, Slimline sliding doors offer a host of benefits for years to come. Finepoint has an ultimate collection to create generous views of your surroundings with the installation of Slimline doors. Our team will work with you to meet your specific design needs and achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of.