Yourself Bathroom Remodeling (2)

Want a hassle-free, no-pressure remodeling experience? If so, you can count on the bathroom remodeling contractors at Pachota construction to get the job done.

Floors: I know you can’t see them in this pic, but we went to Lumber Liquidators and bought unfinished pine, they are 4 or 5 inch wide planks. They only cost $1.16 sq ft! That is cheaper than most laminate! BUT, you have to sand them, and stain them. If you do it yourself…which is NOT hard, it saves a LOT of money! HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, eBay, Google, and others.

Door and Headliner Panel Re-upholstery – I have zero auto experience so this seemed a bit outta my league, but the dirty blue fabric on the doors was one of the first things you see upon entering the van. I think it is worth the learning curve. We offer a 12-month guarantee on our work. If you believe our labor is unacceptable, you can feel confident knowing we will send a contractor back to make corrections.

It is important to avoid vinyl tiles at all costs. Although they may be economical at the time, they will eventually come up and peel off, requiring replacement after a few years. Vinyl is simply not made for the bathroom. Thanks Profound Puns! I have three daughters, so it’s just girls using it, so it made the decision to go with pink and black décor a bit easier. It’s not my usual style- I typically go with a more subtle look – but it grows on you after a while! Aside from carpeting, hardwood or laminate wood flooring is also very appropriate for the bedrooms. Area rugs can be used to help warm up the room and feet.

Buuuuut, we aren’t totally done. We’re stuck in not quite done land, and my husband is starting to give me The Look that I need to finish this up. It took me forever to find lights that I liked – but as you can see they’re finally installed (and gorgeous, in my humble opinion) as of a little over a month ago. A dress rehearsal at home with your desired new height is needed by all family members. When making any major change, go slow, and do follow the cliché measure twice, cut once. It will save you dollars.